Textiles matter:  Surrounding yourself with the right materials at home

The texture and softness of your home furnishings says a lot about you. Sophistication in your home textiles does not mean these items should be untouchable.  Make your home comfortable and welcoming with these home goods that look fabulous and make you and your guests feel at home.


Think organic

Like the fine ingredients in a gourmet meal, Coyuchi uses only the purest natural fibers in their products, and great taste, figuratively speaking. Following the strictest in environmental standards in safe and humane conditions and guidelines set by USDA National Organic Program and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), fabrics are minimally processed so they closely resemble their natural state.  In addition to selecting styles and colors of products, customers may choose a feel — cool, crisp, relaxed or silky — and even type of fibers — undyed, GOTS certified, low-impact dyes, or zero waste water. The styles are simple and textures are subtle as in nature, with reverence for the planet, and in tune with the aesthetics of discerning palates.

2015-05-21 01.03.41.jpg

Get down tonight

When you rest your head at night, nothing is like the comfort of nestling into a down pillow, but not all down is created equally. Allied Feather & Down is the trend setter in responsibly and sustainably sourced duck down, which is why their supremely soft down filler is used in not only the best pillows, by such brands as Pillow Bar, but also in high-end outdoor apparel and fine bedding. The down used in these products is luxuriously billowy, odor-free, long lasting and anti-microbial because of the treatment process and innovative down cleaning methods and technologies that produce ultra-dry, fluorocarbon-free hydrophobic down. The fact that Allied is the leader in their industry in animal welfare practices and environmental safeguards will help you sleep even more soundly.


The wrap of luxury

Bath towels are a basic everyday home item, but the types of fiber, construction and feel are myriad. MicroCotton is one of the latest innovations in bath towels, with a unique structure of the yarn that offers a suede-like texture that gets softer with washing.  MicroCotton towels are made from 100% plush long-staple cotton and a patented spinning process so the towels feel fluffy and extra-soft while also being absorbent and drying easily.  Because of the lighter-weight textiles, large MicroCotton towels are lighter than others their size. The cotton weave is also durable and long-lasting and holds colors that do not fade after multiple washings.  MicroCotton towels are made by many brands, including Wamsutta Perfect Soft MicroCotton Bath Towels ($14.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond), Noble Excellence MicroCotton Bath Towels ($34.00 at Dillard’s) and Hotel Collection Bath Towels MicroCotton Collection ($31.00 at Macy’s).


Hardy Ho’

Inspired by yacht life by the sea in New Zealand, the husband and wife team of Nicola and Alex Webster founded Coast New Zealand, a luxury brand that encompasses outdoor bean bag furniture made with fabrics that can endure the harsh elements of the coastal weather but offer beauty and style for the seasons.  Using hand craft and marine-grade Sunbrella fabric that retains color, shape and usability, Coast constructed their heavy-duty lounge bags, such as their popular New Zealand Marine Bean, to last –guaranteed for at least five years — aboard the super yachts that comprise their main customer base as well as backyards across the continents.




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